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Transfow Dri-Prime Products

At Transflow, we offer an extensive fleet of Dri-Prime, Heidra and Sub-Prime pumps available for purchase. Our commitment to provide you with the finest customer service possible extends to our sales and service departments where our representatives stand by, ready to assist you with all of your needs.

Transflow Pumps Products

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The right pump for mines and quarries



Standard pumps just aren’t designed to handle much more than a 100-ft head. And as anyone in this industry knows, sometimes you can go down a hundred feet and  still be a long way from the rock. The Transflow HL series of high head, single-stage pumps  is equipped to achieve discharge heads up to 600 feet. You won’t find another pump in the industry that’s better at pushing water that far uphill. The HL series includes pumps for high head and extreme high head situations. And remember, we’re not talking about  staging pumps a hundred feet apart—we’re talking about one Transflow HL pump doing  the job of several standard models.


The right pump for the oil and gas industry



Whether it’s water boosting, pipeline pigging, temporary fire pumps, or some other high-pressure application, Transflow pumps are up to the task. We’ve designed and built our HL pumps to achieve heads up to 260 psi (600 feet), and offer the only single-stage, close-coupled pump in the 500-hp range—for the ultimate in easy maintenance.  No other brand in this category offers automatic self-priming, portable diesel pumps that can handle solids and  achieve 600-foot heads. Hook up a Transflow HL and let it go to work for you.



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