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HH Transindo driveline services include supply and installation of universal joints, tubes, flanges and drive couplings. We also supply complete new drivelines and cover most makes of equipments.

Products include :
  • Dana Spicer
  • Rockford Mechanics
  • Twin Disc
  • GWB-European
  • Volvo
  • Other Genuine Replacement Parts
  • Repair, Replace & Redesign
  • Custom Shafts for minimal backlash and high misalignment
  • Extensive product line for up to 1,000,000 lb. ft.
  • Torque overload protection for demanding applications
  • Special Designs to keep contaminants out and lubricants in
  • Huge parts inventory of semi-finished products & replacement parts

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HH Transindo supplies components to an established base of worldwide customers, including major international truck and mobile off-highway.
We are your complete driveshaft distributor and offer the latest technology available to accommodate all of your vehicular and industrial driveshaft requirements.
  • We consider the following factors in our driveshaft fabrication:
  • Horse Power Source
  • Reduction Ratios
  • Maximum R.P.M.
  • Phasing & Maximum Length
  • Torsional Elastic Limit
  • True Operating Angles
  • Balance
  • Continuous Torque Ratings

We are committed to quality and we provide our customers with the lowest cost of acquisition in driveline products for more than 10 years.

Commercial Vehicle/Medium & Heavy Duty Class 4-8 Trucks and Trailers
Driveshaft Assemblies


Off-Highway Construction, Agriculture, Forestry/Logging, Material Handling Vehicles, Mining, Specialty Chassis, Industrial, and All-Terrain Vehicles
Driveshaft Assemblies
End Fittings
Wing Bearing
Miscellaneous Parts

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